The Year in Review

I feel like I have made a few strides forward this year. Managed to achieve a few things, and although it's not quite the end of the year, I thought I would do a review. I don't want to dismiss the impact that Coronavirus has had this year on people's lives; it's been truly terrible for lots of people and my heart goes out to them, but being locked down gave me lots of extra time I wouldn't otherwise have had. And I tried to make the most of it, which I feel I accomplished. So far this year...

  • I sold my first t-shirt! I was really happy about this. Someone somewhere in the world is walking around with one of my t-shirts. They liked my music enough to go and buy a t-shirt. Whoever it was, thanks!
  • I have had three tracks, Expanse, Dark Energy and Rogue State played on BBC Introducing (two of the tracks are on the same album). I am really grateful for the airtime because I imagine they get lots and lots of requests. My Rogue State airplay happened this evening, actually!
  • I have had lots of radio play from stations in the UK (Gadget G Radio, Radio Wigwam), Germany (Radio TFSC) and Los Angeles (BTM Radio), and also featured on The Recovery Room podcast.
  • I completed a full album, my sixth one, Hexagon and it's one of which I am really proud. I am happy with every track on there, and don't feel I could have done any better at my current skill level.
  • I have designed two music videos this year for Otaku and Expanse, and currently working on a third for Cyclone. They are time-consuming to do, so they take a bit of time to produce.
  • I redesigned my website, but more work is required.
  • Cyclone is my first track to get over a 1000 plays and it wasn't me listening to it a thousand times!
  • I have been promoting my music mainly through Twitter, but going forward I will also be looking at other avenues.

I am planning to do a continuous mix type of thing of my tracks via some sort of livestream, but have no other information about this at the moment because I haven't totally figured it out yet! Anyway, more news soon

Latest Track Rogue State Now on Spotify

My latest track Rogue State is now on Spotify and on it's way to other retailers. It's the final track of my album Hexagon and I feel I've ended it on a high. Hexagon is officially out next Friday, but you can buy it now at My previous track appears to be quite popular having been played on a number of radio stations and is picking up speed on Spotify

New Artwork for Hexagon Cover

I slightly redesigned the cover for my sixth album 'Hexagon'. It retains the white stripe which is present on my single covers, but I've moved it further down into the middle of the image. So it follows the same theme of the covers from the singles in this album, but makes it distinct enough for the viewer to know that this is the album cover. Working on the final track as we speak!

Cyclone Released and other news

I released Cyclone on Spotify on the 12th September 2020, and currently working on the last track of my latest album. I've not decided on the name of the track yet, which is something I will do towards the end of the process, probably. I've not created the single sleeve artwork either yet. Cyclone seems to have been well received so far, and I've had quite a few positive comments and plays on Spotify. I've submitted it to BBC Introducing, but only got as far as the listen stage at the moment. I feel Cyclone is probably one of my best tracks so far, and I am pleased with the artwork too. I have created a couple of t-shirt designs based on the artwork, but I haven't seen them in the flesh yet. so fingers crossed that they are ok. After I have completed the Hexagon album I am planning to start authoring some more videos, as I've been getting stuck into some great open-source video software which I am planning to use to replace the paid-for sofware I've used. Anyway, will post some more here soon.

Latest track 'Cyclone' underway!

My 59th and penultimate track of Hexagon is currently being written! It's coming on quite well and already sounds atmospheric and richly textured. I just saw that Native Instruments Komplete 13 is about to come out in a month's time, but it will be too late for this album unfortunately. Unlucky number 13 obviously. The track will be available at all the usual places including Spotify, and my current track 'Iridium' will be available on 7th September on Spotify. It's already been played on a couple of radio stations in Germany and the UK, and has been uploaded to BBC Introducing, but yet to hear back from them. More soon.

New track Iridium in the works!

Fast approaching the end of my sixth album! Can't believe I've written nearly 60 tracks! I am really looking forward to releasing this one in the next couple of weeks. It's track seven of my sixth album and it's turning out to be quite an edgy track with lots of dissonant sounding melodies. I am really pleased with how this album is shaping up and feel it's my best work so far. It's had one track featured on BBC Introducing, and I've had lots of good feedback on social media, and lots of radio play by Gadget G Radio and Radio TSFC. I've also created a couple of music videos so far, and plan to do a couple more. I'm also investigating other distribution methods for my music.

Anyway, watch this space!

Expanse Video and New Tracks

I've not added any new blog entries in a while as I've been busy refactoring my site behind the scenes to make it easier and faster to use and edit, so I've just not had the time to add new blog entries. Anyway, I've now got the time to add some more news.

I have completed two new track since the last entry. The first is the title track Hexagon, which is, unusually for me, a very straightforward trance track. As I was putting the track together in the early days it just felt like that was the direction of travel so I just ran with it. It's quite a high-energy track like most of my stuff, and it's the first time I have used New York-style parallel compression on the drums. I use the BabyAudio IHeartNY effect VST for this and it absolutely works a treat. I am going to use it in every track I now write to beef up the kick drum. It's bloody amazing!

I also used it on my very latest track Depth of Field which has helped define the bass drum a great deal. I'm not one for side-chaining my entire track just to hear the bass drum. I hate those tunes where they do that. The entire audio is ducked to make way for the bass drum and I find it really spoils my enjoyment of a piece of music. Obviously this is just my own personal opinion. I don't mind sidechaining a bassline, because that makes sense, but not the rest of the audio in a track.

I digress! My latest track is back to my usual breakbeat set up, and compared to the rest of the tracks on this latest album, it sounds quite cinematic in places and I'm very pleased with how it has turned out. It's had some great feedback and it's been played on Gadget G Radio on various programmes, and also by Oli at Radio TFSC in Germany. I'm really grateful to both stations for giving me the airtime. I will also be submitting it to BBC Introducing in the next few days. Fingers crossed they play it!

Finally, I finished my video for Expanse and I feel it came out really well. Again, I've had some really nice feedback, and I feel these videos are worth doing because they give your audio an extra dimension, especially if they are synced well, in my view. I try to push myself harder each time I do one of these videos. and I think this one is my most cohesive one to date. Makes my Portals video look like an acid trip!

More news to follow soon.

Video for Expanse in Progress and new track news

I am currently working on my fifth music video, although it's going to take a bit longer than normal because I am using volumetrics for the first time in the 3D software I use. They look great, but absolutely kick the crap out of my PC!

The video is a nod to sci-fi artists such as Chris Foss and Stuart Cowley who created some fantastic sci-fi images in the 70s (I believe it's now called retro futurism) and I remember in particular a book I had in my childhood titled Spacebase 2000 of which I have really fond memories. So this new video will be a nod to that, and I am trying to push my 3D skills a little bit further every time I create a new video.

Also my fifth track of my sixth album will be out on 21st June 2020 and it's a slight departure from my latest tunes. Hopefully it will get played on the radio. Fingers crossed!

Dark Energy track played on BBC Introducing Humberside!

My Dark Energy track from my fourth album Future Breakbeat was played by Alan Raw on the BBC Introducing Humberside radio show!

It's the third time I have had my music featured on the programme, and I am so grateful to the programme to get the air time, as I'd say they'd get so many greatvsubmissions from so many other artists. It feels really good that my tunes have been picked to be on the show.

In other great news, I also have my own radio show showcasing my tracks on Gadget G Radio, Sundays 1pm for the next 3 months!

Otaku Video and Isolate release

I finished my latest video for my track Otaku the other day, and it has been uploaded to YouTube as well as having a two-minute preview video on Twitter. I have had some great comments on the video which is nice, as it's definitely early in my music video career so it's really nice to get positive comments. I really enjoyed putting this video together. The 3D work was all done in Blender, as usual, with some extra post-prod effects thrown on top later. I did all the chopping up of the video so it worked in time to the beat outside of Blender, but overall I was very pleased with how it turned out. It's more cohesive than the Portals video, and a bit more laid-back.

In other news, I finished my fourth track 'Isolate' of my sixth album. It's a very edgy track with some disonant sounds and my usual complex drums. I wanted to write something a bit quieter than my last track as that one was very high-intensity. Definitely got my mojo back with writing at the moment, as it fell off a bit after finishing the last album. Isolate is out on Spotify on the 5th June.

Otaku Video in progress and ElectroStatic released

Currently working on the last minute of my fourth music video for Otaku, the 1st track of my 6th album Hexagon. Managing to get quite a bit of stuff done in the lockdown. Had a lot more time on my hands than I would normally, so to save climbing the walls, I've tried to apply myself to stuff I don't usually get time to do. I have tried to distract myself from all the absolutely horrific coronavirus news I have heard every day on the news recently, as it's unbearable to think about for too long. Just hope everyone out there manages to keep safe.

The image above is a screenshot from my next video for my Otaku track. It's a Japan-inspired video much like the name of the track which translates as 'geek'. The video is a bit abstract like my last video for Portals, but music videos don't have to make sense, do they? :)

There's lots of movement in the video which is a feature of my music too, as I think my style of writing syncs well wih visuals. There's a lot of points of interest in the tracks that I can latch onto video.

I feel this video is a lot more cohesive than my last attempt, and I am finding my around Blender now, and trying to push myself a bit further every time I use it. What I love about it is that I can create completely original artwork to accompany my videos and not worry about using stock footage and the legalities about that. Plus registering with stock videos is expensive, and I much prefer to pick up the new skill of 3D modelling, rather than just purchasing some video, like I did in my first two videos for Winter Solstice and Electron Shell. Even though I liked the outcomes of those two videos, I always felt disappointed that I had resorted to using someone else's work. Anyway, once this new video is finished, it will be posted on the Videos page on this site.

I will be shortly starting work on my 4th track on Hexagon.

ElectroStatic to be released on 8th May

On a bit of a roll at the moment, finished this third track 'ElectroStatic'. It is to be released on all major online outlets including:

  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Apple Music
  • Apple ITunes
  • Tidal
  • SoundCloud
  • + many more

The track has been previewed worldwide on Radio TFSC in Germany, and has also been submitted to BBC Introducing. Although I've resigned myself to not being able to write drum & bass for whatever reason, I think this track comes a little closer to that wish, albeit at a lower BPM of 135.

Again, this track has a totally different feel to the first two tracks on this in-progress album. It's a lot more upbeat and uplifting to the first two tracks. The track also has my trademark style flip, around halfway through. The first half is reasonably intense with a D&B-style beat, but the second half after the breakdown is more laid-back. There are also severally strategically-placed drops in the first half that introduce various sections, and the audio completely cuts out before starting up again.

The track is 3:51 minutes long, and is the shortest-length track I've written so far. I have written music around 5 minutes long for the last couple of albums, but I'm trying to reduce that length to hopefully improve my chances of getting on the radio, and also it makes creating videos for my tracks a little easier as well, as I won't have as much time to fill. It took me a couple of months to do 5 minutes of video for Portals although admittedly I wasn't working on it full-time. Search for GCM Audio and ElectroStatic on your favourite search engine or go to my ElectroStatic Distrokid Hyperfollow page to select your favourite outlet on which to play the track when it is released.

Expanse featured on BBC Introducing Humberside!

GCM Audio got a second play on BBC Introducing Humberside on 18th April. I couldn't believe it when I saw the tweet. Normally the Beeb lets me know by email when they listen or play tracks, but it was a really nice surprise. My phone was off and I was in the greenhouse, sweeping up, at the time the message came through! The track they played was my latest, Expanse, which is to be released on the 23rd of April. The DJ on the programme, Alan Raw, said it sounded great which was a really nice thing to hear. I've always written music to which I want to listen, so it's always a gamble if other people like it or not. I feel amazed that I've managed to get on a major station twice. Still can't believe it to be honest.

My next track Electrostatic is to be released in the next few days to major online retailers.

GCM Audio has no affiliation with the BBC.

Expanse to be released on 23rd April

Hot on the heels of Otaku is my next track 'Expanse'. It is to be released on all major online outlets including:

  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Apple Music
  • Apple ITunes
  • Tidal
  • SoundCloud
  • + many more

The track has been previewed worldwide on Radio TFSC in Germany, and has also been submitted to BBC Introducing. The track has an epic downtempo feel at the start and flips half way through into something completely different.

This track has a totally different feel. It features grand pad sounds mixed in with some haunting vocal phrases, and has a powerful beat all the way through but especially in the first half. The track is around 4:40 minutes long, and I am also planning a shorter mix for radio submissions, although I don't want to lose the character of the track. Search for GCM Audio and Expanse on your favourite search engine or go to my Expanse Distrokid Hyperfollow page to select your favourite outlet on which to play the track when it is released.

Otaku Released in All Major Online Outlets

This is the first track of my upcoming 6th album 'Hexagon'. It has been released on all major online outlets including:

  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Apple Music
  • Apple ITunes
  • Tidal
  • SoundCloud
  • + many more

The track has been well received by listeners on Twitter and has also been submitted to BBC Introducing. The track is quite downtempo and with lots of bass and drums.

It starts off as my tracks usually do with a bit of melody and the beat quickly builds up, before vocal phrases kick in to drive the melody forward. The track is around 4:30 minutes long, but I have also created a shorter mix for radio submissions which is 3:40 minutes long. Search for GCM Audio and Otaku on your favourite search engine or go to my Otaku Distrokid Hyperfollow page to select your favourite outlet on which to play the track

Portals Video Released on YouTube

This was properly hard work! I have got zero budget, and hadn’t usedBlender before so I was happy how it turned out in the end. I did somecompositing and mixing inages together in post production but this video wascreated mainly in the amazing Blender software. Hope you like! Please be kind,it’s my first video in 3D!

GCM Audio - Portals on YouTube

Portals featured on BBC Introducing: BBC Radio Humberside!

GCM Audio is not affiliated with the BBC in any way, and the featuredimage is for illustration purposes only

I couldn’t believe it when I got the email from the Beeb to say theywere going to play my track. I absolutely jumped for joy! I spent most of thatweek soundling like Victor Meldrew not believing something. But yes, on 16thNovember 2019 my track was played on the Humberside radio station and it was aday that I won’t forget. If I never manage to achieve anything else withmy music, I know someone liked it enough to put it on the radio!

Again, I can’t believe it, you should be able to hear this tune on theBBC Sounds app!