Video for Expanse in Progress and new track news

I am currently working on my fifth music video, although it's going to take a bit longer than normal because I am using volumetrics for the first time in the 3D software I use. They look great, but absolutely kick the crap out of my PC!

The video is a nod to sci-fi artists such as Chris Foss and Stuart Cowley who created some fantastic sci-fi images in the 70s (I believe it's now called retro futurism) and I remember in particular a book I had in my childhood titled Spacebase 2000 of which I have really fond memories. So this new video will be a nod to that, and I am trying to push my 3D skills a little bit further every time I create a new video.

Also my fifth track of my sixth album will be out on 21st June 2020 and it's a slight departure from my latest tunes. Hopefully it will get played on the radio. Fingers crossed!