Expanse Video and New Tracks

I've not added any new blog entries in a while as I've been busy refactoring my site behind the scenes to make it easier and faster to use and edit, so I've just not had the time to add new blog entries. Anyway, I've now got the time to add some more news.

I have completed two new track since the last entry. The first is the title track Hexagon, which is, unusually for me, a very straightforward trance track. As I was putting the track together in the early days it just felt like that was the direction of travel so I just ran with it. It's quite a high-energy track like most of my stuff, and it's the first time I have used New York-style parallel compression on the drums. I use the BabyAudio IHeartNY effect VST for this and it absolutely works a treat. I am going to use it in every track I now write to beef up the kick drum. It's bloody amazing!

I also used it on my very latest track Depth of Field which has helped define the bass drum a great deal. I'm not one for side-chaining my entire track just to hear the bass drum. I hate those tunes where they do that. The entire audio is ducked to make way for the bass drum and I find it really spoils my enjoyment of a piece of music. Obviously this is just my own personal opinion. I don't mind sidechaining a bassline, because that makes sense, but not the rest of the audio in a track.

I digress! My latest track is back to my usual breakbeat set up, and compared to the rest of the tracks on this latest album, it sounds quite cinematic in places and I'm very pleased with how it has turned out. It's had some great feedback and it's been played on Gadget G Radio on various programmes, and also by Oli at Radio TFSC in Germany. I'm really grateful to both stations for giving me the airtime. I will also be submitting it to BBC Introducing in the next few days. Fingers crossed they play it!

Finally, I finished my video for Expanse and I feel it came out really well. Again, I've had some really nice feedback, and I feel these videos are worth doing because they give your audio an extra dimension, especially if they are synced well, in my view. I try to push myself harder each time I do one of these videos. and I think this one is my most cohesive one to date. Makes my Portals video look like an acid trip!

More news to follow soon.