October Update

It's been a while since I wrote anything on this blog. I've had quite a few personal things to work through, but I'm back on track now. I am continuing to work towards producing a live set, which will probably a hour in length. There is still a great deal of stuff to be finalised and it's early days yet. Plus, I've never done this before!

At this point I am about to start work on my last track of PreAmplified, and since my last post, I have released 3 other tracks, Tyrant, Ascent and Nomad. The Ascent track is in loving memory of my mum who died at the end of August. On Saturday 2nd October it was played by BBC Introducing Sheffield with Christian Carlisle. I was a bit gobsmacked, because it's my first play in Sheffield and I didn't get the email to say they played until a couple of days afterward. I think my mum is pulling strings in the big DJ booth in the sky!

I also got another play on BBC Introducing Humberside in September. They played my reworked version of Citadels, which I am going to use in my live set. Amazingly (to me anyway) the presenter of the show said to let them know when I get it sorted, and they will come see me! Woohoo! Wasn't expecting that at all. I have submitted my latest track, Nomad, to them, and Humberside listened to it twice in the same day, that's never happened before, so hopefully that's a good sign.

I have also had many plays, across the world actually, on other radio stations, most notably on Exile FM in London (with Neil March(, Big City Radio 98 FM in Brum (with Vimal Korpal) and lots of plays with Oli at Radio TSFC in Germany (still following in the footsteps of David Hasselhoff there).

Other radio stations include:

  • Tomorrow Radio in Dublin
  • Pattas Radio in Indonesia
  • 502 Fallen Angel Radio in Indianna, USA
  • Top Cat Radio in Barcelona
  • Prospect Radio in London
  • Hive Radio in Manchester
  • Deal Radio in Kent
  • XB Radio in Birmingham
  • Sweet Romance Radio in Indonesia
  • Oun Radio in Cambodia
  • Vertical Radio in Chennai, India
  • Medway Radio in Kent
  • Fresh Radio
  • Tweacle Radio in West Midlands

In other news, I finished and uploaded a video for Encrypt, track 6 on my PreAmplified album.

Well, that's it for today. Will post more often!