New Music for 2022

I really tried to keep my website up-to-date over the last few months, but just not had the time, due to ongoing personal reasons. Hopefully that will change this year. I am still in the process of putting together a live set which I want to get into some fit state by the summer.. I'm also trying to keep the fresh music coming, and 'Foundation' is the start of my 8th album, Aeon. I want to bring back the 'outer space' feel I think I have moved away from in PreAmplified, but still keep my signature track style flip and morphing beats. I think I am going to do a bit more ambient stuff in this album (like the music you used to hear by people like Aphex Twin, Orbital, Sven Vath and the like), but with a modern twist. For the last four albums I have used lots of vocal phrases in my music, and I will be doing the same in this album. but I am trying to find/create some more dramatic vocal stuff.

In November, my track Nomad got played on BBC Radio Humberside, with the DJ Alan Raw saying he always felt inspired by the stuff I submit, which was a really nice thing to hear. It also marked my 9th time on the show (and I had my first play on BBC Radio Sheffield around the same time). I have just submitted Foundation to them, so hopefully will have some positive news around that to bring to you soon. I am already getting some syndicated radio play in the first week of March 2022 at Big City Radio in Birmingham on the Me, Myself and I show with Vimal Korpal, and the radio show is being played around the world through the week.

In other news, the site is due a refresh to bring it in line with my new album aesthetic, so expect that soon. And I created a new music video for my track Citadels.