Expanse featured on BBC Introducing Humberside!

GCM Audio got a second play on BBC Introducing Humberside on 18th April. I couldn't believe it when I saw the tweet. Normally the Beeb lets me know by email when they listen or play tracks, but it was a really nice surprise. My phone was off and I was in the greenhouse, sweeping up, at the time the message came through! The track they played was my latest, Expanse, which is to be released on the 23rd of April. The DJ on the programme, Alan Raw, said it sounded great which was a really nice thing to hear. I've always written music to which I want to listen, so it's always a gamble if other people like it or not. I feel amazed that I've managed to get on a major station twice. Still can't believe it to be honest.

My next track Electrostatic is to be released in the next few days to major online retailers.

GCM Audio has no affiliation with the BBC.