ElectroStatic to be released on 8th May

On a bit of a roll at the moment, finished this third track 'ElectroStatic'. It is to be released on all major online outlets including:

  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Apple Music
  • Apple ITunes
  • Tidal
  • SoundCloud
  • + many more

The track has been previewed worldwide on Radio TFSC in Germany, and has also been submitted to BBC Introducing. Although I've resigned myself to not being able to write drum & bass for whatever reason, I think this track comes a little closer to that wish, albeit at a lower BPM of 135.

Again, this track has a totally different feel to the first two tracks on this in-progress album. It's a lot more upbeat and uplifting to the first two tracks. The track also has my trademark style flip, around halfway through. The first half is reasonably intense with a D&B-style beat, but the second half after the breakdown is more laid-back. There are also severally strategically-placed drops in the first half that introduce various sections, and the audio completely cuts out before starting up again.

The track is 3:51 minutes long, and is the shortest-length track I've written so far. I have written music around 5 minutes long for the last couple of albums, but I'm trying to reduce that length to hopefully improve my chances of getting on the radio, and also it makes creating videos for my tracks a little easier as well, as I won't have as much time to fill. It took me a couple of months to do 5 minutes of video for Portals although admittedly I wasn't working on it full-time. Search for GCM Audio and ElectroStatic on your favourite search engine or go to my ElectroStatic Distrokid Hyperfollow page to select your favourite outlet on which to play the track when it is released.