Otaku Video in progress and ElectroStatic released

Currently working on the last minute of my fourth music video for Otaku, the 1st track of my 6th album Hexagon. Managing to get quite a bit of stuff done in the lockdown. Had a lot more time on my hands than I would normally, so to save climbing the walls, I've tried to apply myself to stuff I don't usually get time to do. I have tried to distract myself from all the absolutely horrific coronavirus news I have heard every day on the news recently, as it's unbearable to think about for too long. Just hope everyone out there manages to keep safe.

The image above is a screenshot from my next video for my Otaku track. It's a Japan-inspired video much like the name of the track which translates as 'geek'. The video is a bit abstract like my last video for Portals, but music videos don't have to make sense, do they? :)

There's lots of movement in the video which is a feature of my music too, as I think my style of writing syncs well wih visuals. There's a lot of points of interest in the tracks that I can latch onto video.

I feel this video is a lot more cohesive than my last attempt, and I am finding my around Blender now, and trying to push myself a bit further every time I use it. What I love about it is that I can create completely original artwork to accompany my videos and not worry about using stock footage and the legalities about that. Plus registering with stock videos is expensive, and I much prefer to pick up the new skill of 3D modelling, rather than just purchasing some video, like I did in my first two videos for Winter Solstice and Electron Shell. Even though I liked the outcomes of those two videos, I always felt disappointed that I had resorted to using someone else's work. Anyway, once this new video is finished, it will be posted on the Videos page on this site.

I will be shortly starting work on my 4th track on Hexagon.