Otaku Video and Isolate release

I finished my latest video for my track Otaku the other day, and it has been uploaded to YouTube as well as having a two-minute preview video on Twitter. I have had some great comments on the video which is nice, as it's definitely early in my music video career so it's really nice to get positive comments. I really enjoyed putting this video together. The 3D work was all done in Blender, as usual, with some extra post-prod effects thrown on top later. I did all the chopping up of the video so it worked in time to the beat outside of Blender, but overall I was very pleased with how it turned out. It's more cohesive than the Portals video, and a bit more laid-back.

In other news, I finished my fourth track 'Isolate' of my sixth album. It's a very edgy track with some disonant sounds and my usual complex drums. I wanted to write something a bit quieter than my last track as that one was very high-intensity. Definitely got my mojo back with writing at the moment, as it fell off a bit after finishing the last album. Isolate is out on Spotify on the 5th June.